Animal welfare

The Ochotumbao Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the environment and protecting animals. To achieve this, they raise funds through different charitable activities, in order to finance solidarity initiatives and support other organizations that also work for a better world.

At ROOTLESS™, we offer the possibility of adding €1 in solidarity to the purchase with the purpose of collaborating with the Ochotumbao Foundation in animal protection. The donation is intended to finance projects that improve the living conditions of animals around the world. In this way, ROOTLESS™ and the Ochotumbao Foundation work together in the mission of protecting and preserving the planet and its living beings.


At ROOTLESS™ we are committed and aware of the ecosystem since our birth. Therefore, in addition to all the effort made in developing a sustainable and vegan product, our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint becomes tangible with ONE TREE PLANTED, planting a tree for each order.

Trees clean our air and water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to better health and well-being while helping to create jobs in economically disadvantaged places. We are proud to contribute to reforestation with the help of One Tree Planted as an integrated part of our business model.

One order = one tree

vegan skin

Certified by PETA®, our keychains are made from vegan leather. The manufacturing material is a type of microfiber composed of a mixture of 100% recycled polyester and nylon.

We are proud to promote vegan leather, contributing to saving millions of animals each year through communication, awareness and education of potential customers and brands.

clean oceans

Another of our main concerns is the disproportionate and unsustainable use of plastic that is still made today. For this reason our goal is to reduce the use of this raw material to 0. To meet this objective, we have worked to ensure that our products replace any plastic compound with the so-called RPET. It is a material processed from plastic waste, such as bottles or food packaging.

Sustainable forests

All our packaging comes from FSC-certified sustainable forests. Forest Stewardship Council is a non-governmental organization that promotes good environmental, social and economic management of the world's forests. Currently, more than 175 million hectares and 25,000 companies around the world have been certified to FSC standards.

Our packaging

Reduced weight

Our packaging is optimized to reduce net carbon emissions thanks to its weight


The bag we use for our shipments is 100% compostable

Recyclable + Reusable

You can reuse this packaging or it can be decomposed and used as raw material to make a new product.