ROOTLESS™ was born to redefine the concept of collectibles. The idea of ​​storing postcards, photos or even magnets, both from trips and any event or experience, takes on a new meaning. At the same time, the objective is to transfer our values ​​to any communication, both ours and our community's. Educating and raising awareness about the environmental situation and everything we can do to help build a healthier present.

One order = one tree


After having left behind an incredible adventure in a renowned Spanish e-commerce, several of us in charge decided to take advantage of our career and experience to start a new brand together with Miguel Ángel Silvestre, an indispensable member in the equation. Together, our goal is to be able to make a reality, once again, an exciting project that also serves to educate and raise awareness about all environmental responsibilities. Now more than ever, they need the best and most powerful speakers


We are a group of adventurers, athletes and lovers of new technologies, books, music, cinema, nature and animals. Our team is made up of a diverse multidisciplinary group in which we find engineers, designers, web developers, actors and mascots.

Sergio Mora
Marketing Director & co-CEO

Alvaro Cabeza
Creative director

Pablo Velasco
Technical director

Alejandro Coves
Director of Media and Operations

Miguel Ángel Silvestre
Public Relations and Business